Intuitive Queen of Pentacles. The Hidden Knowledge Guidance Weblog by Sarah Kay

Intuitive Queen of Pentacles. The Hidden Knowledge Guidance Weblog by Sarah Kay


The Birthchart of a weblog : will it be Fate ?

I do believe producing that web log is a meeting in my own life.Just like whenever an infant exists, I was thinking it could possibly be relevent to see just what the sky could inform about my web log’s power! And the things I learned was simply Wow !

Intuitive Queen of Pentacles exists a Cancer Sun-Mercury, a Pisces Moon-Uranus and a Scorpio increasing ! 3 water signs and also to me personally which is a synchronicity that is great ! Ideally, i did not forget to precise on my header that my web log will be about “hidden” material! My intention while the one of many world discovered a ground that is common !

Now my goal is to simply take you for a journey that is little that chart and certainly will explain to you just how Jesus’s intelligence (a.k.a synchronicity- that is my own method to phone that type of phenomen) worked completely right here, in my experience. If you are perhaps not more comfortable with astrology language, no stress !I will compose in an extensive and random way myself a professional astrologer as I am not !

How exactly does all that fit with my very first intention ? Keep in mind : within my profile we brievely told that Intuitive Queen Of Pentacles ended up being an advice weblog whoever purpose would be to assist other people inside their internal journey of individual development also a blog for sharing knowledge. In addition precised that i might make use of tarot and astrology tools – usually considered “occult”.

Sun/Mercury combination makes a communicator that is fine ! a weblog is something to communicate therefore it is beneficial to me personally ! A blog to distribute terms to feed the heart, to assist you in your mine and journey, to aid an love. this is the Cancer connection. And there’s a lot more than that.

The Queen of pentacles tarot card is oftentimes regarded as the representation for the world Mother.She is attached to the work of using care others, nurturing and healing. And the Magic can be seen by us of Synchronicity here.

Yesterday I became reading a write-up about Cancer indication searching for infos about Cancer Midheaven, to simply help me find out better the individual we am.I had constantly thought really at simplicity with all the description of Cancer character and I guess it is not surprising that we finished up beginning that web log today beneath the Cancer indication. The Cancer is well known become possibly the more protective and sign that is mothering of Zodiac.similar to the Queen of Pentacles, the Cancer girl loves to care of other people, to know and nurture them. Cancer are intuitive and souls that are sensitive. Intuitive similar to my Intuitive Queen of Pentacles – the tarot nurturer queen!

The 9th home is my Sun/mercury house . the 9th household is called the home of Philosophy, Psychology. a home that relates to Wisdom, Spirituality, concealed knowledge, Travelling, interacting a desire to grow our perspectives. The house that is 9th my weblog’s Sun a psychologist, a philosopher, an interpreter of aspirations and in addition a dreamer, a psychic and a seeker of truth. And all sorts of who has for ages been element of my personality(we have actually a natal North Node in 9th household). When designing that web log, it appears i will be in the right course!

29 degree Pisces Moon conjunct Uranus into the fifth home we have actually in my natal chart, a Moon-Uranus combination into the third house.That setup makes me personally an unbiased thinker and a seeker of Truth, but i am additionally extremely sensitive and painful and emotional and my brain are restless.That moon gives me personally an aspire to broaden my perspectives and travel – up to now, the best option to travel would be to read. Publications will always be my companion.However that is best it absolutely was currently “special” publications for only a little woman – linked to faith and spirituality and concealed knowledge. It had been various. I have liked history too as well as others’ countries have constantly fascinated me personally (third household Sagittarius).I loves just what could link us to God and I loves the hopes and dreams I have actually about movie stars, Suns and planets.I usually have premonition aspirations and I also’ve always enjoyed naively to fairly share these with other people. Originality and restlessness often – that Moon-Uranus combination is certainly not an unknown part of my character and here it will probably show more in an innovative method (5th home).

Maybe you have seen that 29 level pisces ?! I was astonished to view it. Because my 7th household cusp in addition to my vertex are at 29° pisces.It ensures that moon today conjuncts my 7th home cusp and my vertex – a coincidence that is huge can inform! It informs me that a project is being started by me which will concentrate on a desire to be much more sensitive and painful of other people views and a desire to fairly share.Exactly exactly what a blog is focused on. The Moon in Pisces brings about the very delicate and selfless part of my task, the want to connect to other people to generally share like. It appears that task to start out a blog had been a lot more than a simple action and fits a greater function.

Scorpio increasing My web log having a scorpio increasing is extremely appropriate about the objective I experienced fixed. I really hope that weblog to assist my self and folks to unveil mysteries.Scorpio rising is focused on in search of responses and reading involving the lines. Experiencing a lot more than Rationalizing. This means intuitive and knowledge that is hidden means transformation and rebirth. All we dreamed for the blog.We should keep in mind in regards to the “occult” tools – astrology and tarot- connected with Scorpio power.

You might wonder why we that way Sorpio rising a great deal. We have a 1st home Scorpio Pluto, and so I know some great benefits of having Plutonic power. lolTo me Pluto is an excellent Purifier/Healer and its particular power are required whenever we might like to do a change that is real our life.

Therefore enjoy Intuitive Queen of Pentacles, ’cause it will possibly improve your life !

Leo Midheaven The Midheaven could be the point that is highest in the natal chart. It’s the cusp for the tenth home – home of job and status. the way in which we projects to the World. Leo is a symbol of Royalty.What is the “status” of my weblog ? My weblog is a Queen. Does that problem? We could inform synchronicity worked here extremely well ! lol

I am hoping my web log will flourish in that mission of assisting and using care. an integral part of me personally seems it will probably, whilst the component of Fortune conjuncts the Cancer Sun/Mercury !

Care for you all ! Lots of Adore .

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