My gf has an unhealthy relationship along with her son from a previous relationship.

My gf has an unhealthy relationship along with her son from a previous relationship.

Hi i’m 32 still living with my pairents, I am unemployed and schizophrenic since 2010. I will be my moms cairer when my father is working down coast. I believe that my love life is damaged due to this (perhaps not yes because i’v never ever realy had one).I (at this stage) wish to re-locate, but being on benifits and also the reality my father will have to provide up their task. Presently we spend most if only a few of my amount of time in my room in the front of my television (getting pissed down with this) and hours that are afew month building a component work inbetween taking my mum to medical center ocasionaly or the supermarket and sorting out food for her the weeks dad is offshore.

My Ex had been the victim of and emotionally incestuous relationship with their mom – that broke through all dysfunctional boundaries. No, I didn’t understand it whenever I married him. He really kept me personally a long way away until we married from her and complained about her. They invested nights after work together planning to movies, shopping, supper – date nights!- and I also ended up being kept in the home. Absolutely nothing we stated had been legitimate. All things considered: “That’s my mother!” He was 38 and she had been 60. The end arrived quickly at 10:30pm, informing him she wanted to take a bubble bath and she was out of Jean Nate after she called him. He jumped up out of bed and raced 32 kilometers away to give their mother’s wish. I became furious! The next early morning we asked him just what occurred. Him: “Nothing! We ran her shower while she bathed. on her behalf, lit some candles and played guitar on her” – like it absolutely was the absolute most thing that is normal the entire world. I must precisely assume their had been nudity included. My stomach switched in one hundred directions that are different. We told him he had been in an incestuous relationship with their mom. My child ended up being born ( don’t ask me how that wonder took place) and he was wanted by the mother to simply take the infant from me personally. She also had a nursery done on her in her own household! My hubby arrived house screaming: ” That’s HER child! That’s HER kid!” Outcome: Divorce; I gained single custody; he regularly only invested 15 minutes of visitation time because their mother “needed” him. Epilogue: His mom passed away briefly thereafter from AIDS.

you might be therefore brave… i’m going through a similar thing

Lol, smdh. That seems like it had been a very situation that is messy.

The Spouse replace appears like exactly what my cousin is doing to her son. It began whenever her husband became a crack addict that is homeless. My sis lives along with her son, he’s 32. He does not appear to understand just how managed he could be by my cousin. We (my mother, niece, me personally) have actually attempted to speak with her relating to this, and she adopts a rage her she needs to move on w/out her sson; get her own place, he needs to get his…it’s not healthy for a 32 year old guy to still live with mom if we try to tell! He has got a girlfriend, nevertheless now the gf and my cousin are enemies. She gets very nearly psychotically enraged along with her son the exact same means she fought along with her spouse. It is as for her, she goes into a rage if she has replaced her husband with Louie (emotionally) and when he’s not doing everything. She additionally drinks alot, helping to make the combat appear to become more serious, and much more real. My nephew quit their task, and it is discussing going and my sis is besides by herself with rage now because he’s making plans without her. We told my nephew this has to stop, We told him it’s maybe not healthier for him at their age to still be coping with their mother, and then he has to proceed, move out and acquire his very own life without her. He appears to be codependent on her behalf too. We don’t obtain it. Many guys that don’t be friends with their mothers will set off at very early ages. We don’t realize why my nephew appears to believe it is so very hard to leave “mom”, esp since she behaves psychotic in some instances. We don’t have actually a relationship that is good my cousin as a result of her behavior. This woman is a narcissist. She’s self focused to the level that i believe this woman is a sociopath. How do you assist my nephew get away from their mother. I’m totally independent. I’ve lived back at my very own for decades. We don’t get why he still desires to live with a mom that battles with him therefore horribly Tonight, he texted me personally pictures associated with bruises she left on their arm. She had been having a tantrum he wanted to move to another City to find a job because he said. She desires to opt for him! Unhealthy relationship is an understatement with my sister and her son.

too bad. they certainly needs to be divided. This will be psychological slavery.

He essentially gets away with murder (figuratively maybe not literally) and may do no incorrect inside her eyes unless she’s (in the moment) angry at him. She excuses (or ignores) their apathy, his rudeness, and their neglect of their own son (yep…he’s got a kid…and will not look after him precisely). Truth be told he’s the asshole I’ve that is biggest ever came across plus it’s easy to understand he’s acquired their moms and dads worst faculties and none of these good faculties. He’s a disrespectful cash sponge and can’t think beyond their small mind (if you can get my meaning). I’ve never in my own life met anyone so disrespectful and she just let’s it slip, even makes excuses for his (he’s an adult) choices for him or even blames me. I’ve never had a confrontation she showers) and his selfish attitude I’ve come to a point where I want to either leave the situation entirely or have said confrontation with him, but between his sick behaviour (walking around in his underwear and trying to go into the bathroom when.

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