Resume Hints and Tips whenever coming ashore

Resume Hints and Tips whenever coming ashore

Published on 26 March 2018 by Patrick McMurray

Coming Ashore

One issue seafarers face whenever coming ashore, could be the challenge of composing a CV or an application. Shore based companies have actually specific objectives for just how a Resume should look, just what it will include and just how long it must be. Shore based employers can additionally be ambiguous about the information of just what working at ocean involves.

Our buddy, Mike Wall, has written a rather guide that is good CV or Resume writing for seafarers coming ashore.

Firstly, this short article pertains to composing an application or cv (CV) for potential shore-side work that will be very different from a single which you might compose to alter delivery organizations in a rank that is similar.

Your application will be your individual ad. As well as a letter that is covering it offers you a chance to offer you to ultimately, and impress, a possible company and/or its recruitment consultant.

‘Most companies just take not any longer than 15 moments to see your whole resume’- Cool jobs for Dummies (IDG Books, 1998)

Whenever drafting your resume, keep in mind always the fact the boss might have another 50 inside the in-tray. That is why, you really need to keep it brief and concentrate all information in the very first page. Utilizing listings and bullet points in the place of long sentences will also allow it to be a lot more straightforward to read.

An excellent many resumes are not really read as they are too much time, too boring and defectively organized. You’ll want to make your resume stand out of that pile. Repeat this by simply making it simple to learn and simple to discover what you’re.

If you’re thinking about changing way entirely, your employer that is prospective may no familiarity with tasks aboard a ship. Because of this reason, you may have to expand on your own duties to offer a significantly better comprehension of your experience and abilities.

The five golden guidelines for composing your application:

1. Focus on a synopsis.

2. Ensure that it it is brief.

3. Ensure that it it is factual.

4. Keep it logical and can include clear headings for the sections that are following

• Education History and/or Qualifications.

• Languages – state whether fundamental, adept or proficient.

• Professional subscriptions and workplaces held.

• Any special experience and/or skills.

• at the least two recommendations making use of their relationship for your requirements.

5. Avoid spelling mistakes or errors that are grammatical. These don’t produce a good impression.

Begin with a synopsis

Constantly consist of a short factual summary at the start. This enables your reader to determine what you’re and that which you have inked inside the first 10 moments of reading your application. You shouldn’t be lured to point out points that are subjective as ‘good team player’ or ‘enthusiastic’.

‘A qualified and experienced Chief Engineer having offered aboard different ship kinds, sizes of vessel and kinds of motor for an overall total of 12 years. Having duty when it comes to technical procedure and upkeep for the vessels upon which we served as well as management of a department of 12 engineer officers and team.’

‘A escort service in Mesa AZ qualified and experienced master mariner having offered aboard different ship kinds, sizes and forms of vessel, eg, bulk providers, container vessels and tankers. Having responsibility that is overall ship operations, cargo care and handling of 24 officers and team.’

Keeping it short

Your application should not be any more than 3 pages in total. You might be hopeless to add every nuance of information, but this can detract attention from important info.

• after the summary that is factual list your individual details, eg: John Smith, British, DOB 23 July 1959, hitched.

Add your personal target, phone quantity and contact information.

• Your employment history should always be in reverse chronological order, ie, the absolute most job that is recent. Make use of an obvious heading that is bold eg:

1989-1993: P&I Claims Executive, XYZ P&I Association, London

• Don’t forget that whenever trying to get a job in delivery, a manager will know very well what different shipping that is standard entail. Therefore, try not to explain in more detail exactly what a second officer or second engineer does. State the name regarding the place you held, relevant information such as for instance vessel kinds included, types of work carried out, duties, achievements (quantify if at all possible such as for example into economic terms, improvements in complete safety figures or sales numbers) and any extra experience or jobs which are not typical to do the job.

• you hold and the job title you have held if you are or were a seafarer, list both the level of certificate. It really is confusing in the event that you just suggest that you own a Class 1 Deck certification of Competency once we cannot tell just what ranking you have got accomplished.

• you should state the equivalent UK qualification/level of certification if you hold a non-UK certification. It’s also advisable to explain if they have taken the foreign lawyers’ transfer test and qualified in England if you have taken any transfer qualifications – for example, it is surprising how many foreign lawyers working in the UK do not make it clear.

• Do perhaps not give detailed information of jobs held 20-30 years back.

• Try not to duplicate your self if a few jobs held have actually included similar duties.

• Your education history also needs to maintain reverse chronological purchase.

• younger you will be or the now you attained your skills, the greater crucial it’s to record the grades you reached.

Maintaining it factual

Do not inform the potential company you are hard-working, enthusiastic, a team-player, committed, etc. Allow the facts, achievements, and references, talk on their own. Your referees must also verify such facts.

By all means refer briefly to statements produced in work appraisals, eg:

Jan 1983 – 1994 Senior Operations Manager, J S Smith Shipping Ltd june.

A progression that is gradual the organization from operations assistant to operations supervisor (since 1991), managing the full variety of operations duties, including claims (insurance coverage and demurrage / charterparty dilemmas), directions to vessels, bunkering, scheduling, visit of agents and handling of a group of 7 individuals, with obligation for recruitment. The division is in charge of a fleet of 6 chemical tankers and 9 bulk providers (20-45,000 dwt).


You will keep in mind that the journalist has utilized only 1 typeface and two fonts, ie, normal and bold, that is very easy to read. Don’t let yourself be lured to make use of many different typefaces and fonts which may result in the manager to toss your distribution within the container!


It is crucial that every given information in your application must certanly be factually proper. In the event that you tell lies, you’ll be learned as potential companies generally speaking execute homework to check on the data together with your referees. Be warned. In a few jurisdictions it’s a offence that is criminal issue a fraudulent application with significant charges. But, it is really not the penalty that is direct is the most difficult to simply take, it’s the harmful aftereffect of being discovered responsible of fraudulence along with your reputation. You shall not be utilized by lawyers once more.

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